Welcome to Broadway 101

The Broadway 101 study guide focuses on the collaborative nature of theater, examining various theater professions (e.g., producer, playwright, composer, lyricist, actor, directors, designer); spotlights notable historical or present-day figures throughout; and includes various student activities.

This guide is designed to be a quick, informative introduction to the world of Broadway theater that is compatible with whatever show a student group might be planning to see.

Broadway 101 offers many curricular connections. Educators may view these connections by clicking on the "About this Study Guide" button in the navigation bar on each page. This study guide follows the Grade 9 through 12 expectations and guidelines for the North Carolina State Board of Education Theater Arts Curriculum. Curriculum connections (e.g., stands and goals) between the North Carolina State Theater Arts Curriculum and this guide are highlighted in bold.

As you move your mouse over the various pages, images will glow. When an image glows, supplemental video has been added to enhance the learning experience.